Homemade frozen drinks maker
in 3 steps and you have
a tasty frozen drink.
Small, easy, delicious, ICEY

Enjoy frozen drinks at home - like in a bar!

Icey is an innovative frozen drink pouring device that allows you to enjoy a fresh drink at the perfect temperature. No ice, no blender, no mess. Whenever you want.

What you get

Glass & Motor unit, set of 2x rechargeable batteries + charger

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It’s like having one of those incredible, industrial,
restaurant-level-frozen-drink-making machines - only personal.
ICEY takes your favorite drinks and turns them
into their frozen drink counterparts without any hassle.

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How does it work?

Make or pour your favorite drink into the ICEY cap,or try one of our tasty recipes.

Press the power button.

Place ICEY in the freezer, and after just 90 min, you’ve got a delicious, refreshing frozen drink.

Simple to use

No power outlet - it is recommend using
our unique 2x 3.7V rechargeable batteries.
Icey can activated with 2 AA 1.5 volt batteries as well

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